Wednesday, June 14, 2006

We have come full circle, fifa introduced all the nations battling for the Cup. From now on, we get a good idea who is a serious contender. Within two hours, we will be closer to some answers. A loss for Poland will mean an exit off.
Germany, with a victory, will have a right to buy a ticket for round two, on the black market.
The commentator mentions the 'wasserschlacht', while Germany and Poland line up. He means the game where Germany refused to cancel the event, even though an outpour of rain drained the pitch. Bad blood between the two sides, Germany has that often.
"Germany starts with some sketchy plays," says the commentator after one minute. However, they take control over the battle. The first yellow is in the third minute for a Pool, for tackling a German. The crowd is hardly bothered, they roar the Germans on the field to the Polish side. The Pools are left to counter, in whistle-concerts. Poland gets a shot off, but the German keeper catches it firmly in his stomach.
"Wow, this is one worked up crowd," says the commentator as Germany steams onto Polish ground, under heavy air-support.
"Germany is beginning to look more and more for their captain," says the commentator. He fails to deliver. "I am going to question Ballach's fitness," the commentator ads. Still Germany takes full control of the game, and they open hunting season on the Polish goal. Luckily, for Poland, Germany lacks sharp shooters. The crowd is on full blast, and minutes before halftime team Germany serves them a shoot out, but no hits.
When the second half starts, I hear 'Poland' being chanted from the crowds. It does not help the team much, Poland struggles to build any magic.
The Germans have not much profit of their noisy supporting army either, they keep fumbling at the end zone, to speak in American terms.
"The crowd wants to see something happen," says the commentator. So do I.
Germany's captain receives a yellow card in the 57th minute, that is not what the crowd was waiting for.
The stands chant the Germans back into the game, they found back their hunting license. Still they missed that sharpshooter. Although the keeper of Poland deserves credit as well for

keeping the game scoreless.

"It’s a humid night in Dortmund, and sixty seven thousand are crammed in," says the commenter. None of the Sixty-seven thousand care. They roar, whistle, sing, as if this is the final. The referee hands out a yellow card for shirt pulling. New rules, I like it. Football, or soccer, you do with your feet, not with your hands.
Minutes later, another yellow card.
"Great physical contact by Germany to brake up the counter," says the commentator. "A great foul for a yellow," he says. Shame on him, fouls should not be in any team’s tactics.
In the 74th, minute a double yellow for a player of Poland.
"A silly foul," calls the commentator this one. Silly or not, two yellows means red. Poland now is playing with only ten men.
"Poland with ten, trying to hang on here."
In the last minute of regular time, Germany shoots the ball twice, within seconds of each shot, on the crossbar, from only five meter.
But in extra time, they crack the back of Poland.


A bomb drops on to the crowds in the stands.
Moments later the ref blows the end whistle.
"Poland cries, while Germany celebrates,” says the commentator.
Does he read my blogs?